Current Phase:

⧏▿ Creation Period

Reality Trip: A Danny Phantom AU Zine is a free, digital-only zine that will include various alternate universes featuring characters from the cartoon Danny Phantom.


◅⧏ What is this zine about?
This zine is about Alternative Universes that alter the canonical universe of the cartoon Danny Phantom. This can include, but is not limited to, things such as: Ghost Trio AU, The Ultimate Enemy AUs, Crossover AUs, etc. The more AU elements, the better!

Will this zine be SFW or NSFW?
This zine is SFW. Mild gore and violence is allowed due to the typical violence and gore of the television series and fandom inclinations.

Is this zine for-profit? Digital? Physical?
This zine will be digital and free only!

Do I need to have a Discord account?
Yes, a Discord account is required if you are accepted into the zine. We will share announcements and updates in the zine server. It will also be our primary means of general communication with contributors.

Are minors allowed in the zine?
Yes, anyone 16 years or older may apply to the zine.

Can I apply for more than one position?
Yes, but you can only be accepted for one position.

Will we be able to ask for feedback on applications?
No, we will be unable to offer feedback on applications. Once results are announced, we will be dedicating our efforts to kicking off the creation period and welcoming in contributors.

Are ships allowed in this zine?
No explicit romantic relationships will be allowed.

What characters will this revolve around?
That is at the discretion of our contributors, so anyone! If you want Dash Baxter, Paulina, or Lance Thunder to be the main character of your alternative universe, then go wild.
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Can it be based on someone else’s popular AU in the Phandom?
This answer depends! If the person is very active in the fandom and the work is considered more of a fanart of their fan content, then no. Mods reserve the right to accept and deny ideas if based on another person's established AU on a case-by-case basis. If your AU has the same tropes as another AU, that does not immediately disallow it, but we do want to try to have a variety!
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How do check-ins work?
Check-ins are periods throughout the creation period where your pieces will be turned into the Mods to showcase progress. Details of what is expected for each check-in will be detailed in the designated channels in our Discord server. The dates for each check-in are provided on our schedule.
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Will extensions be allowed?
Definitely! We will announce reminders one week in advance prior to every due date. Should you require an extension, simply ask for one in the designated channels or message a moderator directly.
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What happens if I miss a deadline?
We ask that you keep track of deadlines and let us know as soon as you can if you think you may miss one. However, we are only half-human! Please talk to us, and we will work things out with you. We will be very firm on the final submission dates as this will make zine assembly much easier for release. If you feel that you will not be able to meet a deadline, please ask for an extension sooner rather than later! Failure to inform a mod of your absence or show us progress of your work can result in removal from the project.
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My question wasn't answered.
Please feel free to send any other inquiries to our Tumblr or email.


Interest Check OpensMay 2nd
Interest Check ClosesMay 30th
Mod Apps OpenJun 2nd
Mod Apps Close & ResultsJun 16th
Mod Acceptance DeadlineJun 18th
Interest Check ResultsJun 18th
Contributor Apps OpenJun 22nd
Contributor Apps CloseJul 20th
Contributor Apps ResultsJul 25th
Contributor Acceptance DeadlineJul 29th
Pitches DeadlineAug 5th
Check-In 1 (25%)Aug 26-27th
Check-In 2 (50%)Sep 16-17th
Check-In 3 (75%)Oct 7-8th
Final SubmissionsOct 21-22nd
Zine ReleaseDec 10


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Writer & Beta
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